My name is David Lundvall, a game developer from Sweden. I started doing level design in 1998 after playing a lot of Quake 2 and Half-Life, my favorite games. Quake 2 with an addictive multiplayer and Half-Life with its immersive single player experience. And coffee is nice. :)

RSS Final playtest started.

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I have been lagging behind a bit with getting the final playtest started. But a few days ago, Monday, it was sent to the Beta Testers Collective. They will playtest during the period 4 February - 11 February, 2013. I might extend it with a couple of days as not too many of them have reported in, yet. We will see. The reason of the delayed second playtest is something I will bring up tomorrow when I update the mod-page for Spherical Nightmares. But it was mainly due to the decision of doing a final lighting pass and rebuilding one section of the final level.

This weekend I will go through the list of bug that have been reported so far. I will also optimize some of the levels and start working on a trailer.

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