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A year ago I was making a mod to be able to walk on every building's fire stairs in GTA San Andreas. I left this in half and never touched it again because I was tired of it. The thing that started to burn me was that for every object I had to paint, by hand, every shadow or light because I didn't know (and I don't know) how to preserve the original vertex colors or make them more dynamically. Anyway... I will finish it some day with this new techniques or like before.

I returned to this job and I created a website as blog. Now I'm making things for GTA SA and AC again. I'm uploading it here and in my website.

I have also two projects, or better said, two videogames that I was developing by myself. These are a demake of Assassin's Creed 1 (oh! yes... AC again. I like this game a lot). It is AC1 but in JRPG format and with more story content. The other videogame is a platform game that is more or less abandoned because it was too ambitious. You can follow this here:

I'm also learning assembler to hack videogames with Cheat Engine.

They seem to be many things to do but I'm happy now that these things are together. So I'm not lost like in other times and I can enjoy it. I enjoy it because I always have something to do when I take the PC.

Well, thanks for taking your time to read this beautiful text. Saludos!

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