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Oh god, what have they done to Battlefield!?!?

It doesn't resemble Battlefield at all! It's, it's something horribly confusing... it's... it's... well, it's magnificent. New squad system, new class system, completely destructive world, it doesn't take a pile of bullets to down someone (unless they have unlocked kevlar vest) and the noise, oh god the noise. You can't get a moment of silence in Bad Company 2, it's like someone set off a bomb in gas station. And someone probably did. Bullets fly past your head, someone hammers enemies down with a machine gun next to your ear, extinguishable bangs of sniper rifles tear the air apart, tanks roll with thunder and nearby explosions cause Whoomp! sound in your ears followed by moments of silence and then everything comes back with a small hint of ringing. And world is alive again.

RPGs and tank shells tear holes into walls, you can then peek out of the new window and return fire upon advancing squad, your best buddy, medic, cuts trees and bushes with machine gun, after 5 minutes of intense battle over a position, the land that was filled with vegetation of all sorts is now barren, torn up and scorched. Explosion leave craters that you can use as new cover, tanks can drive through buildings, and plates of armor fall off them when anti tank rockets and missiles hit em. Small remote recon copters can cause headache to snipers who look like bushes and my friend once complained about hiding into a bush but the unhappy bush stabbed him instead of covering him. And gunships are even worse headache because engineers who come equipped with silenced smgs and RPGs can't unlock guided missiles for quite some time. Their universal repairing drill can drill holes into walls and they can switch their RPGs with anti-tank mines.

Scouts come equipped with sniper rifle, pistol, packs of C4 and motion sensors they can drop into bushes and that reveal close-by enemies to all allies. Scouts can also get a small radio in stead of C4 or even a laser for launching and guiding missiles. And in additions they are disguised as grass or bushes and with such beautiful graphics he can really fool you when he hides among real bushes. Assault class comes with assault rifle with nade launcher attachement and an ammo pack. Medic comes with machine gun bandages and that classical reviving... stuff. Plus they wear red barrets looking like some special forces.

And they all have universal weapons you can unlock like few assault rifles, shotguns and smgs. Of course they'd have to switch out their main weapon to wield them but this allows for example an recon to do some reconnaissance behind enemy lines pretending to be a bush and blasting those away who fare too close. ;)
Plus the melee has quick button, where instead of always wielding a knife you just immediately stab and one shot anyone. Well exept those wearing a body armor, those you have to stab twice or shoot a bit first. You can clear out a room in mere seconds with a knife.

I really love what they have done to Battlefield, new graphics engine, piles of new physics and even gameplay is much better than before. Can't wait for the real deal to come out as demo is practically just multiplayer demo featuring new gamemode introduced into Battlefield series called Rush where instead of huge map with several points to capture one team is on defence and other on offence. The map is still huge but it's quite narrow but wide enough for gunship to move freely and it's really really long. But you can't go anywhere, battle starts with small area and offencive team has to destroy defencive team's tactical points after which defencive team has to fall into new defencive positions defending a new front while the offencive team ofcourse advances.

Beta features only one map and one gamemode. But it also feature all the unlockable weapons (even though best weapons require millions and hundreds of millions points to unlock which seems impossible and seems Dice doesn't want to have beta testers get all the goodies), gadgets and gears. You gain rank unlocking new stuff and each class has it's own stuff but there's also the overall rank which unlocks universal stuff like layzor sights and other usefull stuff like universal weapons I mentioned before.

Oh and why did I say it's horribly confusing at the start? Well it takes about an hour to get what's going on with all those explosions, falling trees, noise and bullets flying around. But once you get the hang of it, it's piles of awesome.


Tahan Seda D:!!!!

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actually it kinda resembles DC
but like on a reeeeaaally low level

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