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Let's state it outright, I didn't like C&C4, and I was not the only one. This was a very polarizing game, some loved it, some hated it. I simply didn't like it. I found that it lacked many elements essential to the franchise, including base building, and I think the developers felt the anger since. C&C4 was ok, but did not really belong to the main line of the franchise.

And because of this alot of hope was put into "Generals 2". It was announced, but not explained, and stirred up expectation all around the place. Generals and Zero Hour were critical successes, undoubtedly and this was maintained by alot of excellent, "AAA mods", such as Shockwave, Rise of the Reds, etc... that helped it tremendously.

Now "G2" has been announced and there are reasons to rejoice and reasons to calm down :

  • On the rejoicing side, the game gets back to original mechanics of the franchise. You have base building, units building, structures and tank rushes. I also heard from Alpha testers the existence of a 2-ressource based economy, which sounds cool and also limited resources to push extensions. There again, looking nice.
  • On the mild side, it's F2P. Look, I have nothing against F2P, in fact I'm a big F2P player. I play World of Tanks, Planetside 2, League of Legends, Allods Online... the F2P model can be done right. The problem has everything to do with my last point.
  • It's done by EA.

And EA has been a catastrophe in the last year and has shown utter incompetence at mostly everything. They have completely screwed up SimCity, their always on DRM has shown to be a complete joke. They've shown that they are incompetent at the most of what they do, and have clearly chosen the F2P model because it tends to harvest lots of money by having a small group of regular payers. The question for me is how you're going to implement a system like this here. Either way there will be limited content, but which one is the question. Inaccessible faction or units ? OUCH ! Paying for single campaign ? OUCH ! It could turn out good, but I really don't trust EA.

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