I'm just a portuguese teenager, my birthdate is 12-12-1992. I'm a big fan of square enix and nintendo, TWEWY and HW1 are my favorite games. My "dream" is to be part of game development team of, Jupiter, Nintendo, Square Enix or any other related companies, Activision would be nice too... I like all kinds of music from heavy metal to classical or hip hop. My favorite saying is: "Memories exist for all the precious days my heart still wants to keep, somewhere deep inside of me..." from the music "Lullaby for you" from TWEWY OST. AS it is obvious I'm a hardcore fan of TWEWY as it really changed my ways of thinking with its well justified filosofies and ways of thinking... Friendship is the most important thing to me there is nothing that will make me betray the trust of a friend. I don't trust a person at 100% not even family, because as humans already proved they cannot be trusted due to their egotism... I like to work in team but I prefer to do it alone... And there you have...

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