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User Posted ImageThanks Dan over at Facepunch for Cover Image :)This is the Official Firearms: Source 2.0 Weapon Sound Pack for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This sound pack modifies the FIRE, DISTANCE, and RELOAD sounds for the matching guns in both FA:S and CS:GO. FA:S is still in beta development, so all sights and sounds are still work in progress. When Firearms: Source is released on Steam, this sound pack will be updated to include new sounds for the remaining weapons of CS:GO and updates to current ones.

The Download Links

The Weapon List

These FA:S gun sounds replace THESE gun sounds in CS:GOSig P226 -> Sig P250User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageGlock 20 -> Glock 18User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageDesert Eagle -> Desert EagleUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageM3s90 -> XM1014User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageRemington 870 -> Sawed OffUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageMP5a4 -> MP7User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageBizon -> BizonUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageMac11 -> Mac10User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageM4a1 -> M4a4User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageFAMAS -> FAMASUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageAK47 -> AK47User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageSG552 -> SG553User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageG3a3 -> G3sg1User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageMINIMI -> M249User Posted ImageUser Posted Image

Video Preview and Installation Guide

Quick jump to the installation guide at 3:16

Additional Info

Check out the Firearms: Source forums for info on how you can replace your own sounds as well as hundreds of gunshot sounds to play with!

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