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New maps Mods BF2

We continue to publish videos based on BF2 cards and various modifications of this great game, including RW2, POE, NAW and others. Maps are taken from open sources of the Internet. We do not arrogate to ourselves the card maker's right. If you wish, you can find a map developer on the Internet by its name. We pursued the goal so that the work of the guys who developed the cards would not be wasted, and others could rest on them and become real men.
The cards, at one time, were on the RWOM server. Maps have been verified, are working and will be available soon. This page will contain a link where you can download them if you wish.
The background music for the video is taken from the music and songs of the B-Tribe album - Suave Suave (1995)
"B-Tribe - Spanish Answer to Enigma" - was written in one of the reviews about the band's first album ... Actually, B-Tribe (the full name of the project "The Barcelona Tribe of Soulsters") is the brainchild of German producer and composer Klaus Zundel (Klaus Zundel), also known under the pseudonym The Brave ("Daredevil"). Why Spanish? The fact is that guitar and vocals in the style of flamenco are woven into the web of a New Age arrangement with distinct parallels to the first album of Enigma.
The album is also taken from open sources on the Internet. We respect the copyrights of Klaus Zundel and look forward to his good attitude towards us, believing that by this we also participate in the promotion of his work.
Maybe our work will be appreciated by someone and will want to again, like many years ago, start a server with the game BF2 or one of the modifications of BF2 for the guys of new generations.

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