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Well. No one is reading this, and even if so no one replies to these blogs. overall no one replies to my work, only occasionally. But I want to write it here no matter if anyone will reply to it or not.

I am planning to make few other models, maybe used for the mod, or just for my personal pleasure. I already made G6 howitzer in GLA colors for Zero Hour... and now i want to make more. These are the ones which I really want to make:

- M2 Bradley
- M60 Patton
- T-55
- maybe T-44, T-64, T-72 and T-80

I am also considering to make WW2 Soviet tanks of T-34 chassis (T-34-76, T-34-85, SU-85...), KV (KV-1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 13, 220, SU-152) and IS (1-4 + 6-7, ISU-152...) and probably T-70, will see.

And, an idea which originates one year back. Gen.Kenobi wanted to make a Plastic at Wars mod, essentially an Army Men in ZH. I want to try it too, but by more classical way, so I will make only the needed models.

- Huey helicopter
- Chinook helicopter
- Apache helicopter (maybe?)
- Willys jeep
- M2 half-track
- Patton tank

And thats all only 5 models, with some more variants, and its good to go :) Will see. THe first 3 models, Bradley, Patton and T-55, I really want to make soon, the rest, will see.

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