Hey, I'm UltraGoku218. I am a huge fan of ZEQ2 and spend almost all of my time here on the site at ZEQ2 related pages. I play Roblox (Which I'll probably quit in the next 2 years or so), Minecraft (Sometimes but not often), and games on Steam. I also have gaming consoles like PS3, Wii U, 3DS, and Gameboy Advance (Yes, I still have one of those). I like Sonic, Mario, Kirby, Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z. I have a YouTube channel named SuperShadow287 in which I make mostly ROBLOX videos. Sadly, I lack the skills and equipments for any other type of video. A few more things: I am 16 years old, my birthday is on July 1st, and I live in the state of Texas. Well I think I've said everything there is to know about me, so see you later :D

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