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Today, I'd like to tell you a little bit about a mod called The Creation that I am developing levels for.

The Creation is a storyline based and focused mod series for Crysis. The mod will include many new gameplay features, assets, and a full, extremely high-quality storyline based in the Crysis universe.

Some features include:

* Massive high quality, and high detail levels
* Fully Custom Time of Day systems created by the Time of Day specialist: Ultimarage
* Several new futuristic weapons
* Reskins of Crysis weapons to match storyline
* Smarter AI
* A knife with special assassination animations
* A brand new nanosuit
* New nanosuit functions including:
* Custom slowmo with slowed sounds
* Creation Events
* New gameplay effects including:
* Auto-Focusing Depth of Field
* Cinematic camera shake
* A custom HUD
* A full custom soundtrack
* An extremely high quality storyline encompassing 4 acts with multiple levels per act.
* A multilayered storyline encompassing multiple points in the Creation's life. A series of recollected memories from multiple times in the Creation's life slowly answering questions.

* And Much more.

We currently have the first two levels in development, have our first 100% completed model with more in the works, some finished soundtracks, much of the story written, it's just really incredible how much we've gotten done in the past month since the mod's inception. We're highly organized and determined, not to mention excited to bring an unparalleled gameplay experience to the players.

Above all, one of our main goals is to surpass what Crysis did as a game, and truely exploit the power of the Cryengine2.

For up-to-the-date information, please visit here.

The Wolfpack Modding Team - The Creation

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