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Everyone always wants to know what the mod they're going to play is about, right? Well, here is a little tid-bit of our writing style and our storyline in general.


Research Notes of Professor Keith Anderson

June 10, 2150
These are the research notes of Professor Keith Anderson. Professor of Human History at the University of Centrago. My passion is history, and my favorite time in history is the time of the Conformation, the time where humanity was nearly destroyed, yet fate, and storybook heroism, saved our ancestors. Even though these times are the most horrific in human history, I am still drawn to them. I don't know what propels me to learn more about this time, whether it was for the survival of all humanity, or if it was the pure scale of this movement, I don't know. All I know is that I am infatuated with the time period.
I have decided to embark on my own adventure. An adventure of great importance to me. I am going to uncover history. I am at a search for diaries, journals, or any other first person storytellers of the time. This search will most likely encompass the rest of my life, but it will be worth it to me, and the International Museum of the Conformation.

January 13, 2151

I finally found a piece! I finally did it! It is short, but it is a perfect first start. It allowed me to secure my standing within the Museum's Technological Archeology Devision. My search will continue, and I have received more grants.
Here is the quote I worked so long and hard for:

"It is the year 2040, 20 years after first contact. Much has happened in the last 20 years, and it is almost like another world today. I would do anything to be back in those times before first contact."

December 5, 2151

I found a second piece, it is the most spectacular thing that has ever come out of that time. It truly symbolizes what happened in those times. I have been congratulated for my work by the Museum. This quote has effected me. I will always keep a copy of it with me at all times.

Diary of John Ronald
July 5, 2036
"Propaganda is a powerful tool. I knew they were using it on me, but I thought I could hold my ground, I thought I could fight it, but it took a hold of me, and I finished my training

I rung his neck, I F**KING killed him! He was my best friend, they told me to do it, and I just acted, not thinking. And now he's dead. He's dead and it is all MY fault! I need to avenge him, but I can't kill my superiors, I can't."

July 6, 2036

"I hear his voice! I HEAR it! He is screaming at me! No one else can hear it, no one else! But it is real, I KNOW it is REAL! He wants me to avenge him, it is the only way, yes the only way...he knows of the way for me to avenge him, and I will do it, and soon, I will see him again."
-Diary of John Williams
Found dead in his quarters at 0900 hours July 7, 2036
Cause of death: Suicide
Rason: Too weak to pass initiation
Burial: Mass Grave

Well, tomorrow is a new day, and brings me closer to another amazing catch.

Minor Background Story

2020 - First contact with the aliens. They were only a scientific and archaeological curiosity for the first few weeks, until the research team in charge went missing. The top secret military group codenamed "Delta" was sent to investigate and evacuate. But something went wrong. The Aliens were awoken. The Deltas were able to destroy the Alien ship before it was able to do any real damage. It was a mystery for another day.
2021 - Strange energy black sites were discovered throughout the world. They appeared overnight. The governments of the world tried many methods to bring energy to those areas, but nothing worked. It was like the energy was getting sucked into a central area.
2022 - Second Contact. The key energy black sites were all discovered to hold alien ships. By the time this was learned, it was too late. June 16, 2022 was the start of the "Conformation" as it is known as now. The alien ships surfaced and began to obliterate the surrounding areas. Leaving nothing alive. The Aliens demanded the surrender of each individual country. Humanity fought back.
2023 - Realizing humanity would never give up in its current state, the Alien ships proceeded to completely destroy entire continents one at a time. First was Australia, then Africa, Europe, South and Central America, and last, Asia. Through it all, humanity kept fighting. The only continent left was North America. Realizing the impending apocalypse, the governments of Canada and the United States decided to surrender. Some say it was for power (which they received), and others say it was to keep the human race alive. All agree, however, that the survivors were the unlucky ones.
2024 - The last remaining humans were forced into camps to continue what is called the "Conformation". They were tortured meaninglessly until their spirit was broken. Then they were released into specific cities to live in extreme poverty. They were completely obedient, but most still retained their humanity, despite the frequent unprovoked beatings and killings by the aliens, now possessing human-like bodies.

The only way out of this life was through the military created to hunt down and kill small raider and resistance groups. No one was able to sign up for the military. They were taken at birth and trained their entire lives. They were told lies, making it seem like the humans were not oppressed by the aliens, that they were allies. The propaganda allowed the soldiers to be loyal.

Sometimes there would be rumors and stories in the cities about people who were not oppressed. These were the rebel groups situated in the islands dotted around the Earth. Why didn't they help us? Why not free humankind?

2025 - The beginning of the "Creation" Project.

2040 - The creation has been finished. It will be used on a small rebel group situated in the unpopulated small Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific. His mission is to arrive, and eliminate all traces of the discovered rebel group.

The mission did not go as planned.

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