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Ok, let me tell you a tale, it is a cautionary tale.

One Saturday morning I wake up, fire up my PC as usual and begin my day. Before i have even woken up properly, got dressed or even had food my MSN starts pinging like its having a fit.

This is itself is not unexpected, I talk to a lot of people about a lot of things and have the dubious job of being the front line PR man for a mod set in the grim darkness of our far future.

The messages I am receiving, from a individual who will go un-named are abusive, insulting and based on the conception that I somehow owed him something and he should be allowed to test said mod. He continued to insult another team member in regards to his voice on the following clip:

He claimed that I was allowing whiney kids to test over him (which is highly ironic given what he was doing right then). For those that don't know the quote is from red dwarf, the full version being "change of plan, leg it!" and highly amusing for all involved at the time (yeh i know you had to be there really). Additionally, he is the 2nd oldest Dev team member involved (in that he's been with the team for the 2nd longest period of time)

This was entirely unacceptable, he is now banned from everything we can ban him from, and when we get a server up on release, we will ban him from that too. Harsh i know, but he was directly insulting myself and others making this personal.

It leads me to ponder why he acted this way, i never promised him anything, occasionally i would give him (and others) the odd screenshot, or small piece of insider info before they went public on the forum or here. I like to keep those induvidals who are interested enough to seek me out informed, and whenever possible involved in the process. I would hope that they would form a core playerbase on release and aid us with productive feedback on how to make things better.

He ended beleving that I somehow owed him easy access reserved for dev team members who have all contributed materials and a lot of time to the mod.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?


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