i am true nightmare, i have made some custom maps for nazi zombies portable that most people seem to enjoy, i have also made some tutorials on how to make your own nazi zombies portable maps and even to play online with friends, feel free to add me on xbox live or skype or both, i am mostly a pc gamer but i do like to play other game types like the psp and a few xbox games i am a fan of minecraft and an even bigger fan of nazi zombies portable, on my youtube channel you will find all my tutorials and nazi zombies portable gameplays and im hoping sometime in the future i can made some minecraft videos as well and even lets plays my minecraft user name is turenightmare catch my youtube videos at www.youtube.com/user/turenightmare

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Hello guys,

Some of you maybe upset that project black has been cancelled but times have chanced and without the hardware or funding needed to I had no choice but there are other projects I will be working on

Animated shows and movies, I will be making some animated shows and possible a few movies in which I will need animators and voice actors but this topic will have to wait for a later date

Like I said I will be making other games again I will need modellers, animators and what not, I have plans for a sonic game based off one of my favourite sonic games that didn't get the respect it should have, I also have an idea for a game that no one has though of and I would be selling this game, the second game I have been planning for about 6 years and allot planning has gone into it however these plans are on hold until I am able to work on this

I also have a plan for youtube being in different series, walkthoughts and trying to complete as many games as I can, some of the series planned will be user control-able in which you will have choices in how things are set up but I will talk about this more at a later day

All of this and more will hopefully come within the following few months but I can only hope, until I am able to get a fully working labtop I am completely unable to do any of this

Thanks for reading - truenightmare

Contact me :)
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/turenightmare
Twitter: @turenightmare
Moddb: www.moddb.com/members/truenightmare

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