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With DN3D Reloaded put on hold I'll tell you the story in case anyone isn't up to speed.

In the fall of 2010 DNR received a "personal non-commercial license" from Gearbox and impressed 3D Realms Scott Miller with their screenshots & enthusiasm. Schreiber posted news about a big upcoming update to the project & sent numerous emails to Gearbox about a response for releasing the game and received copy pasted responses "We will get back to you guys after all 3 DNF DLC packs have been released ".

Finally Gearbox said "We can’t give you an answer to that. Ofcourse you can keep working on it, if you want to. But we can’t tell you if we will allow the game to be released.".

So Fredrick "Fresch" Schreiber responded "You know – I have spent a year in total on this
project. Ever single day, working full time. For free. And so have most
of my team members. I have spent my life savings on this project.

I can in NO way justify having them continue working on this project,
if you don’t want to see it getting released. So I’m afraid i have to
put the project on hold, until you can give us a definite answer."

Position of GBX is pretty simple: "Work as hard as you can, but we won't let you release it".
I really really hope GBX will give in on this matter and grant the DNR team rights to releasing info, the beta, and then the game.

So come on people, let Gearbox hear what you think about this (without swearing or letter bombs or smearing poop on their company cars), and how much you'd like to see DNR get released, and that what they need to do is work out a better compromise with the Interceptor guys than a essential "we won't tell you whether you can release anything" bs.

DNF has a pretty rock development cycle so GBX did the bare minimum to shelve it out and have decided not to release any mod tools. Instead to very very slowly release DLC. You rushed out this game and kicked a lot of fans in the butt, what where left with (no manual saves, the same old weapons, linearity, no jetpack in single player, lame puzzles etc.) and now this, I like any disappointed fan, won't buy no Duke Begins nor anything else from you if you keep treating the fans like this.
Have some balls and let Interceptor release their game. Your way of dealing with the license & relationship with Interceptor led to this consequence, and it lies in your hands to fix this... sometimes you have to bow to public pressure.
You push them around by ignoring their questions & providing half answers and deleting their posts on your forum and banning members who speak out, you push enough and the people will push back. 'Nough said. Join in on the Boycott here

and talk about it here


I think we deserve HD-remake. If GBX not planned to develop&release his own remake maybe should pass fans to do it.

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Well I really don't understand what issues Gearbox would have with this, I mean DNR isn't even a retail product! Must say I'm sorely disappointed in them...

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TheUnbeholden Author

ugh Gearbox's screwed us again.

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