I have been a gamer for most of my life. Starting in the early days of consoles like the Intellivision and Colecovision, I have followed the advancement of games very closely to the modern era. Though I own the current generation of gaming consoles, I am a PC gamer at heart, with 3 steam accounts, one of which is now exceeding 800 games, most of which have been played and a good portion of which have been beaten.

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On July 10th of last year...yeah, that's right 2012, I preordered Skullgirls on Origin. I did my conventions as I normally do, running the arcades for them with people asking why I didn't just buy it for the XBox360, among other things, and I told them that EA was promising bonus content that wasn't going to be available on the other consoles. Several months pass, the promised released date is far exceeded with no word from EA on what was going on. Steam, at the time, didn't have anything on the game one way or the other, so my only avenue to acquire the PC version was Origin.

Now, I'm not going to blame EA for the game not coming out on time; that's entirely the studio failing to communicate with..well...anyone, though EA failed to give notification of delays or anything of the sort. So, my game is bought and paid for and I'm anxiously awaiting the release with the expectation that I will get my game without any issues at the time of its release.

Fast forward one year to 2013. I go into my Origin account to see that my game has been removed from my game list. The first thing I do is go to the store to see what it says about the game. If it's been cancelled, I'm going to want my money back. What the hell?: The game's store page has been completely removed.

I, of course, contact Origin and tell them 'Hey, my game is missing. What's going on?' The first thing the help agent...if you can call them that, is tell me that he didn't even know that Skullgirls was getting a release on PC. WTF, mate? After some back and forth, I give him my account number and he assures me that my preorder is still in place, but won't show up in my gamelist anymore. If I want updates on the status of my preorder, I have to contact a help agent through the live chat or wait on a generic email response that won't actually answer anything.

So, I'm like 'Fine. I can deal with the minor inconvenience, so long as I get my game." Release day rolls around and everyone's getting their copy of the game but me. WTF, again. I contact the help agent and he tells me that my game, which was paid for a year ago, has not been paid for. I go through my email and bank which clearly both state that they were, point out that I received my email from EA stating that I owned the game now and even had my serial number emailed to me (which notably is not an EA game code, so I couldn't just put it into the 'redeem code' thing to get my game) and this yahoo is saying that the game is not paid for still. Argument...non-english speaking technician who isn't even trying to listen to what I'm telling him, and I give up. EA has forever lost a customer.

But the story doesn't end there. A week passes, the game finally shows up in my account and I'm left to wonder why until I look at my bank statement and see that one of my accounts is overdrawn, the one I use for buying games, that only has money in it when I'm doing such after an incident with my credit card numbers getting stolen. Looking at the statement to see what happened, EA charged me for a game I had already bought and paid for a year ago so that I could have my copy of the game. No warning, no permission asked. Just bam, next thing I know, I'm hit with an overdraft fee and a game I should have already owned being paid for twice.

Thank you, EA, for not only screwing me over once, but twice on one deal. Your hard work and effort to provide quality service to your customers amounted to a pile of crap and lies and me being double-billed.

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So, an update. They did, finally give me my game, but not before charging me for the game a second time. I'll be disputing the charge with my bank.

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