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Well, the new Star Wars trailer is here, what are everyone's thoughts? Gives us a bit more of an idea of what's going on, but not much more, which I like, not giving too much away (Yes, latest Terminator: Genisys trailer, that's you I'm looking at, naughty trailer . Avoid if you haven't seen it already and don't want every major plot point spoiled) which is refreshing these days, but just enough new stuff to keep us excited.

What we catch mere glimpses of in the first teaser we see a bit more clearly here, such as the new Stormtroopers, including that nifty silver/chrome elite version we've heard a little about, a clearer look at the classic TIE Fighter design, which has interestingly had a colour inversion where the hull is now black/dark grey, and the solar panels are white. It also looks like Ansel (a.k.a. Fractalsponge) will have a new Star Destroyer to build, though it didn't look like a new Super Star Destroyer design, but more a normal sized ISD which has been customised to some extent, perhaps damaged and refitted or something? So it looks unique, but seems to be built on a standard ISD space frame. We also see the hangar interior and some other Imperial flavoured architecture, the familiar feel is still there, but it has a slightly slicker finish to it, almost like a cross between Star Wars and Tron: Legacy's shiny aesthetic.

We also have what seems to be Mark Hamill revisiting dialogue from Return of the Jedi when he told Leia he was her brother, and how the Force is strong in his family, etc. So who is he talking to? I'd bet it's the new girl and that she is perhaps Leia's daughter, or maybe Luke's? Or perhaps some other distant relation, other than through the Force, but who knows? Let the speculation continue though.

We get more of a look at the new main characters and get some more hints at what their relationship might be, Finn definitely looks to be on the run is some fashion and is being aided by Rey, we see him in some classic Star Wars styled civvie gear as well as his Stormtrooper armour, and see them both avoiding the fire of a strafing TIE Fighter on *Spoiler* brand new desert planet Jakku, NOT Tatooine, well I suppose everything in that galaxy far, far away can't revolve around Tatooine. And there has to be more than one desert planet out there.*Spoiler*. We also see the Rebel pilot Poe Dameron in his X-Wing again, but there is nothing really new revealed here other than a new shot showing the fighters flying overhead rather than the trucking side on shot we saw last time. The Sith, or should I say Sith wannabe shows us his face, or at least his mask this time, which is interesting to see, some clear inspiration being drawn from the look of Revan from the Knights of the Old Republic video game.

There are also some really nice visual touches here that really give the feel of 30 years of history that we've missed out on, the war wreckage strewn across the Jakku desert showing us that the Empire clearly didn't just give up after the Battle of Endor, with entire Star Destroyers smashed into the desert surface, and is it me, or does the gargantuan thruster nozzle array that the Falcon flies into towards the end of the trailer look like an Executor styled Super Star Destroyer's back end inverted as if it crashed to the surface upside down?

We also get some of what was lacking from the last trailer, a glimpse of the old guard made new for these new movies. We see shots at the beginning that hint at Luke, a robed and hooded man kneeling next to R2 reaching out to him with a cybernetic/prosthetic hand, Leia, a woman's hand passing Luke's old lightsaber (the one he lost on Bespin) to a younger woman's (her daughter's?) hands. But tantalizingly we're not shown their faces, that is left for the money shot when a grizzled Han and his Wookiee partner (still not looking a day over 200 I might add ;) ) are revealed stating they're home. Standing on what looks to clearly be the deck of the Millennium Falcon. Yes they are, and when seeing them there we feel like we're home too.

Anyhow, here's a link to the trailer, enjoy.



I own a small animation studio, and I'm interested in purchasing your 3d model of the Imperial Death Star II Hangar. Please contact me.


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