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Hi guys,

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll remember a post a while back at the beginning of the year about a fan of our mod; First Strike, who was interested in taking our unique vision for the Expanded Universe vehicle, the Rebel Armoured Freerunner, and taking that into a solid real world model form through the process of Rapid Prototyping, a process by which a computer generated 3d model can be effectively three dimensionally printed in polymers or plastics to create a real model.

Well the process goes on, and on and off over time the modeller has been sending me a number of photographs charting his progress as he paints this model and layers on the detail, as well as to ask advice on the colours that should be used that will allow him to finally give us an accurate representation of the vehicle you see in our mod. I'll hand you over to him so you can get a feel for the process that he is working through, and then finish with a few more pictures to show his progress.


'If you recall, the last photos were of the base colour-- a grey brown. After cleaning my airbrush to get all the muck out-- I used Interior Aircraft Black and sprayed a thin line of black over the panel lines or where I felt the illusion of a panel line ought to be. I then was a tad more generous with the undercarriage and the engines were pretty much covered with a mist of black. Again, up top, I gave a light misting of black to the gun turrets.

Finally, I painted the windows black.

The kit will need to dry-- but the next step will be to cover most of the hull in camouflage grey OVER the base coat and the black. This will give the illusion of shadow and make the Rebel Freerunner look battle ready.


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Hello Talon_UK. WOW i'm impressed by the freerunner.
I'm a SWMB gamer and SW grenadier collector.
Recently i ordered an Imperial Chariot 3D Printing and i was wondering if the freerunner would be possible to print it.
I'd like to know some specific questions about this fantastic model you designed!!!.
PLease, contact me through the forum or on
Best Regards ,

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