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There we go!

The campaign is unleashed to several BETA testers. if they find it OK and finished.
it WILL be unleashed to ALL!

Keep an eye open. and if you want to test them also. Send me a PM about it :)

Things that are going to be added for the full version: Sounds/voice records. about mission and story details. (not something special anymore)


If you don't mind me asking, been working on some campaign like missions and whatnot, was wondering what the most effective way you've found thus far for some of the more in depth scripting for the ai? Sounds kind of stupid, as an example, the ai personality, things that (traditionally) are brought in via other mods :s (I have searched feverishly for a way to edit many of games files, while still being able to keep tiberium essence as the primary mod)

Not sure if I've worded my plight so well lol.. It's the sleepiness XP just spent the past 8 hours working on custom personalities, states, etc, now crashing after frustratingly being unable to load them in the worldbuilder with TE x.x

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Starfox100 Author

if you know how to start them up with scripts, you also need to go to the Player list.
there stands a bar with "AI Personality"
the working AI's are:

Always watch the 2nd faction name. because the 1st is meant in what campaign it's used.

If you activated them in the scripts they should start building around. (don't forget to give them a start amount of money!)

if you do not want that they use a typical unit. shut it off for them.

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Starfox100 Author

Activate AI's:


Set player [PLAYER] money to [AMOUNT]
Turn Skirmish AI player [PLAYER] [ON]
Turn Skirmish AI team [TEAM] [ON]
Control [TEAM] transfers to player [PLAYER] <- (the team and player should be the same player)
Use structure repair for player [PLAYER] [TRUE/FALSE]

[PLAYER] "SkirmishAlien"
[TEAM] "SkirmishAlien/teamSkirmishAlien"

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Ok, I'm proud to say I actually knew some of this, how to get them working and whatnot, i'd actually found the alienMain ID from nod's mission 5_4 works fairly well, but I had to set up the money so that it gets paid based on whether or not it has an extractor (set money to 100000, checked every 3 seconds) I'm definitely going to have to true this though, because my issue with the vanilla AI's were their reluctance to rebuild defenses (would rebuild like power plants, but stopped even doing that late game) as well as GDI some reason stops attacking and just hoards units late game ~.~

That and none of them really make use of the full battlefield, ex. Flanking enemy bases, though on the bright side the one I've been using is good about using units from tiberium essence.

This does make me wonder though, when mine is activated it is through a



Turn skirmish ai for player player 'plyr_Alien_A' On
Use structure rebuilds for player 'Plyr_Alien_A': TRUE
Use structure repair for Player 'Plyr_Alien_A': TRUE
Set Player 'Plyr_Alien_A''s money cap to $ 10000000

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And of course there is a separate script

Player 'Plyr_Alien_A' has greater than or equal to 1 unit or structure of type 'AlienTiberiumTower

Set player 'Plyr_Alien_A''s money to $100000

(the above script checks every 3 seconds, not deactivated at the end)

So it sounds like I've just used a ghetto rigged, cut corners way of doing it lol, so I'm definitely going to be trying your method as soon as I finish writing this! So thank you very much for your help :)

Hopefully I can avoid GDI stopping attacking and having units just sit where they are, as well as somehow keep nod from constantly building harpies but keep them all sitting in their base (with 3 air towes it gets pretty crazy pretty quick ~.~ lol)

In any case thank you kindly for your help, and you have a wonderful evening! =^.^= lol

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Starfox100 Author

Same to you ;)

You can maybe also put some Spikes outside the map for that player that will die if something happens in your map (at least your sure then that there is a moneyflow)

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