The first video game I ever played as a kid was Space Invaders & Missile Command on one of the old Atari consoles. One of my old favourite games I played on the 3do was Space Hulk Vengeance Of The Blood Angels. Then came Xcom Enemy Unknown and Terror from the Deep on the Sony PlayStation. But my two really old favourite games have to be Wolfenstein 3D and D00M.

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Wolfenstein 3D - The Great Granddaddy

Oh yes this great, great old game brings back fond memories
for me and if you have just over seven hours of spare time kicking around and you’re
ready to get Psyched then strap in and enjoy the ride and click on the link
above. In Wolfenstein 3D you take on the role of (William "B.J."
Blazkowicz), a Nazi butt kicking one man army of unstoppable force.

Wolfenstein 3D is a pixelated heaven of in your face nonstop
action, granted it may not have the eye candy of today's first person shooters
or flaunt itself like a lady of the night that is dressed to kill, but it takes
you for a ride of nonstop in your face action like the woman of your dreams
that does not take herself to seriously and leaves you feeling refreshed
energized and most importantly satisfied.

If you haven't played Wolfenstein 3D before then you should,
if you’re not one to worry about all the bells and whistles that modern-day games tout then go for it I guarantee that you
will have a blast and like that lady of the night dressed to kill you will be
left feeling fulfilled.



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