The first video game I ever played as a kid was Space Invaders & Missile Command on one of the old Atari consoles. One of my old favourite games I played on the 3do was Space Hulk Vengeance Of The Blood Angels. Then came Xcom Enemy Unknown and Terror from the Deep on the Sony PlayStation. But my two really old favourite games have to be Wolfenstein 3D and D00M.

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What can I say I love this game it is one of my all-time favourite games it is simply brilliant.

There are lots of mods out for System Shock 2 and there are also some tools to fix the game sorting out some issues it would have on modern P.C systems.

There are things in this game that still make me jump all these years later.

You can choose to upgrade your skills and there are stacks of skills to upgrade in addition to that there's lots of hacking to do and loads of freaks to kill.

Being stealthy is very important in your style of gameplay because if you just rush headlong into some areas of the game the turrets will take you out.

Another very important thing to remember is that if the cameras spot you the alarm systems will go crazy and if that happens then you can almost be overrun by (The Many), but once the alarm system resets then the onslaught subsides,

You also have the option of choosing what style of play you want to start with and this is based on the career that you choose after you have been through basic and advanced training.

Another point about the game that I really like is that you have to maintain your weapons repairing them otherwise they start to jam and can become useless.

You can also upgrade your skills in this area of the game as well.

You can play the game on one of several different difficulty levels and the harder the level the more scarce things become, things like ammo, nanites and cyber modules etc.

So if you really like a challenge try it out on hard mode and oh yes there is also an impossible mode.

You should spend some serious time playing System Shock 2 it's a great game and you will have a tremendous time, trust me, Insect.

Remember Shodan is watching!

You can download some great mods from here:

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