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Certain things always take longer than you'd expect. Writing a script, for example.

I don't recall when I started work on the first draft of MECHOverride. I don't even recall the reason, why I picked an apocalyptical Sci-Fi setting. I don't write this kind of story usually, but several years of literature study and a keen interest on the writings of Philip K. Dick and other futurologists, have left an impression on me.

I wrote at least four full drafts of the script and took several rows of correction about each of them. I must have written thousands of words on hundreds of page, yet what I came out with are sixteen pages, in essence.

The script is finished. It doesn't resemble the first draft, but this final draft is a good example for a script apt for machinima. This final draft took a lot of deep thinking on the team's side and decisions were made by us, in unison. The team greatly helped improving the script and I'd like to say thanks here: Thank you, friends!

Finally, the first day of production is drawing near. It will be the 30th of November and I can hardly wait for it. The long days of preparation are over and the feeling of letting go off the script, liberates me to turn my head to other issues with producing this film.

Until next time!


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