I've been going around as a writer, but started getting drawn into Concept Art and 3D modeling. I'm currently finishing my studies as a 3D artist and will then be let loose on the world. Beware!

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I feel like writing, so it's time for a short update. I have sent away the documents to get funding for my original game concept "Bigguns". If I get anything out of it, it also means I have to cancel my life insurance (which mostly my parents paid for some time ago) and put the very last of money I have into it, in order to get something back from our lovely state.

But if that works, we could work on a prototype and have one year to deliver something to put on Kickstarter and get crowdfunded. That's not half bad, and I would really prefer to have that kind of goal in my life, at this time.

So keep yor fingers crossed and wish us luck for the launch of our studio and game. Indifferent of the outcome of the funding, I'll start making a public profile on IndieDb, before the end of the year. I just wanted to wait, until I know what the future brings, fundingwise.

A few words on 3D:

- it's so goddamn hard to motivate myself to keep pushing on with 3D. The problem is that everytime I do something, I learn there are better ways of doing it a few weeks later. So if I'd built - let's say - an entire city by now, I would also have learned that I did it completely wrong by now.

It is really easy to make something uniform and repetitive in 3D. That's what I have been doing for the most part in the past (e.g. same windows over and over). Just recently I began understanding how modularity can work and how extremely well-planned a scene has to be in order for it to make sense. I think I will have to adapt my workflow to the new findings and, for example, start building entire scenes first, before I can make sense out of their materials and UV maps. It should be fairly obvious to me, how to plan a scene (since I always made concepts/design sketches); however, this is much more difficult when I'm doing it for myself. And there's just so much to learn.


good luck martin.best wishes.

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SinKing Author

Thank you!

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