I'm a man that dabbles. A little mapping here, a little modeling there, with some sound, music, acting, 2D design, photography, along with a plethora of other talents all thrown in. Sadly with this vastly spread skill set, I am, by far, a master of none. If anything, I'd say that I'm most experienced in mapping in Hammer/Source, though I'm always working to get better at all of the above when needed. Always learning, always finding new ways to learn, and new things to learn. Since 1997.

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The following comes from my regular blog, "The Wonderful End of the World". You can go there to see regular mod and personal updates. Regular updates won't occur here until I've finished the design doc (that will be posted when I got it) or until I find an interested team. Since this post, some details have changed.

I've finally settled on a final mod project idea. I just kind of came to me, in a way. It's to involve a bright, clean art style, reminiscent of Mirror's Edge, but it will contrast highly with some of the "underground" areas which are to be far more grittier. I plan on creating an over arching story involving one main character, code named "able" and his handler "fish". I plan on releasing it in episodes, with the first few (more or less) to be written and produced by me, with subsequent chapters written by other writers (yet undecided).

More details to come, when I get them. I'm in the midst of writing the design doc and will have that available when it's ready (promise). Once the design doc is out, I'll be looking for interested parties to man the different positions in the team, but more on that later...

Back to work.

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