I'm a man that dabbles. A little mapping here, a little modeling there, with some sound, music, acting, 2D design, photography, along with a plethora of other talents all thrown in. Sadly with this vastly spread skill set, I am, by far, a master of none. If anything, I'd say that I'm most experienced in mapping in Hammer/Source, though I'm always working to get better at all of the above when needed. Always learning, always finding new ways to learn, and new things to learn. Since 1997.

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This will be the first entry that is just for my ModDB blog, and doesn't go on my Other Blog. Feel special.

So, I have, indeed, hit a few hurdles that I've yet to overcome, that I'll have to be able to work through before I can continue with the map. It's all a matter of experience, and my lack thereof. A list of things that I'll need to learn/accomplish before I can continue (along with answers and resources as I get them):

Major Issues (Those directly effecting gameplay):

  • A basic and advanced course in the I/O system that Source uses, as well as scripted sequences, and AI mapping.
  • -Spoiler- Creatively solving an issue with construction scaffolding, physics, and triggers to create a way to move the player to higher areas while expanding gameplay length, and not just resorting to a ladder. I also want this to be one of the earlier puzzle aspects I'm looking to incorporate.
  • -Spoiler- Learning to create destruction (aesthetics), and destroy a helicopter with a falling radio tower (gameplay).
  • Finding a way to organize and standardize certain areas that are existent throughout (such as having all doorways (done) and vent areas the same size. Any common area such as these should all be uniform in height/width.
  • Finish the script (dialogue and action, both), edit, and polish where needed. (Very Important).

Minor Issues (Those effecting minor gameplay elements or aesthetics):

  • Writing console commands through entities (to create a slo-mo effect through a trigger instead of a button press. This is something that I want to reoccur throughout the mod).
  • Importing custom models (I know it's probably not as hard as I'm thinking, but I have yet to even look into it, honestly).
  • Creating custom textures, and finding the right texture art for the job (even if it means going out with a digicam and getting it myself).

This is an expanding list the more I get into it. If you have any insight or advice, I'd love to hear it, just drop it in the comments below.

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