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My Fellow pentagon/nazi zombie-acan's,

Nazi zombies - or pentagon zombies - or whatever you fancy to put in front of zombies, zombies is a concept I really think should be explored in its own standalone game or through a mod. Not just because of its gameplay (however frantic or fun it may be) but because of the number of scenarios available when opening the game up to historical re-imaginings. I think killing zombies as a historical figure such as John F Kennedy is the best concept ever! I love the teamplay and frantic gameplay of zombies and the witty comments of JFK and others and really think it could be expanded on in its own game. Just think of all the time periods and historical figures they could cover for different maps. I’ve written down some ideas for maps and historical periods as wishful thinking you might enjoy.

Imagine playing as Julius Caesar, Brutus, Antony and the soothsayer in the Roman senate, holding off the zombie senators during the "Idese of March". Or how bout re-enacting the Alamo, where instead of hundreds of angry Mexicans, you fight hundreds of undead Mexicans? Maybe you would prefer the battle of waterloo, where Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington put aside their grievances and fight the fallen soldiers of the battlefield. Custers last stand anybody? Or how about, a re-imagining of the 300 Spartans, playing as Leonidas fighting of the undead Persian Army? The possibilities are endless.

Am I the only one in the world who thinks this is a brilliant idea, if only for the comic value? This concept of historical figures in their zombie gametype truly needs to be expanded upon and hopefully Treyarch does expand upon. Until then, I can only dream of such thoughts as re-enacting the Alamo with zombies. Maybe one day I will be able to, but I sense probably not.


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