I've been programming with Unity for 3+ years. Currently I'm working on games for android and iOS.

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I just landed my first professional programming job after 3 years of using Unity, 1 year using the mobile licenses, and experience with javascript, html5 and front-end development.

The last W-2 job I had was in construction, I went back to school at 26 and have been doing handyman/drywall jobs for money, using Unity every free moment I've had, now I'm 29.

I got picked up by a company looking for someone just getting out of school because the work is experimenting and prototyping concepts/api's and is being funded out of the owners pocket and I'm cheap but have several years worth of experience and am eager to get as much experience as I can.

They've bought tons of cool gadgets, sensors, controllers, cameras coming out in the future, most of the popular kickstarter dev kits that have been released over the past year, and I get paid to learn the API's and see what I can make. :)

And the job just came out of nowhere, unexpected, from looking for freelance work.


That's good to hear! It can really be hard to find jobs in the industry, though I always presumed it is easier for a programmer than for a 2D/3D artist. I also always feel like I have to sell myself cheap, even though there are people in the companies I worked for that do nothing and get paid very well.

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