I'm the Project Manager/Producer for flaming Brain Studios. An indie game studio myself and one of my friends opened over a year ago. I am a computer science major at Western Kentucky university. I am only 1.5 hour away from graduating but I will have to wait till next spring to finish because of some stuff. So, I'm in that weird capable but not qualified position. :( . I worked as a software engieer at a department of defense contractor for a while but I left due "Some stuff" I didn't like.

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Well, we tried our first podcast. Honestly I think it was a small disasster... but it did cause a jumpo in our hits... I'm not sure if that is good or not... well next time I think I'm gonna do a little more planning and add a little production value. maybe some theme music and such... oh yeah I said theme music. It might as well be entertaining as well as formal.

We did pick up a new level designer. Plugh. He seems really good. He has lots of experience with the Unreal system and seems very professional. I'm really glad to have another level designer. That is an area in which we were kinda hurting. Now lets just get about 50 more people on this project and we can get it done on time. :D

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