I'm the Project Manager/Producer for flaming Brain Studios. An indie game studio myself and one of my friends opened over a year ago. I am a computer science major at Western Kentucky university. I am only 1.5 hour away from graduating but I will have to wait till next spring to finish because of some stuff. So, I'm in that weird capable but not qualified position. :( . I worked as a software engieer at a department of defense contractor for a while but I left due "Some stuff" I didn't like.

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So, I've been trying to get Praetorian Defiance together for almost 2 years now. there have been some REALLY trying times. But now after all this time things have seemed to hit a warp drive. We finally have a large team (15+). We only have a few open positions.Not only are we filling out the team but the team we do have is amazing! I have stumbled upon some of the best artists, modelers and animators in the indie scene. Things are progressing so quickly it is getting hard for me to keep track of everything. Therefore we are implementing a trac system and svn again. We had tried this before but there were so few people using it it seemed pointless at the time. but now with so many people all working on different things it has been a bit of chaos to manage. this system will help to elevate that. SVN is a neccenity anyway for a online project I think. My only concern is being able to get everybody to use the system. That was a big issue last time. Hopefully I will manage it a bit better than it was managed before.

Regardless I think our exsistace on modDB has been great. We just hit 1000 views and I'm super excited to be here.

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