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So the holidays are nearly up, didn't get as much done as I wanted to. I start work again this week and will start my final year of university in about a month, it feels weird saying that. So after this year, I'm supposed to have a full-time job; Are there jobs out there? Am I ready to work?...or should I say on and do post-grad? Just a few of the questions weighing on my mind. Yeah, I think too much.

Moving on....to regular programming. New year means new games, right? A lot of sequels are being released this year...bloody CoD MW3 is coming in November, it seems like they are milking the franchise, so to speak. I'll be on the look out for Portal 2, NFS: Shift 2, GR: Future Soldier and OF: Red River. I'm hoping for some "innovations" in game play, but I don't expect much difference with Shift 2 and Red River. SW: The Old Republic has sort of dropped off my radar, it just seems like another MMO with a "Star Wars" sticker on it, we'll see.

A whole bunch of films are scheduled to be released this year...quality not quantity, people! My line up of movies to watch includes Sucker Punch and Battle: LA. Both look quite good, especially Battle: LA. Not so sure about Real Steel, Mission Impossible 4 and Transformers 3. I really liked MI:3 and J.J. Abrams' directing style. For Transformers 3, I predict that lots of crap will be blown up with a slow motion running shot of the hero(es).

As for TV, most of my regular viewing has been renewed, except SGU. You may remember that I was still on the fence about the first season of SGU, the first half of season 2 has really impressed me. So as a TV show is improving the brain-dead PTB cancel it. I am extremely irritated that a lot of the "smart" shows with good writing and complex yet elegant storylines don't get much of a chance. If only some one created a "true sci-fi" channel....WTF is WWE doing on SyFy anyway?

Also coming up, the Air Show in early March. I'm especially excited this year, because the F-22 Raptor, B-2 Spirit, E-3D Sentry and a Wedgetail AEW&C will be there, probably because it's the RAAF's 90th anniversary. Not sure if they will just be a static display or a flight demonstration, I'm hoping for flight demo. Hopefully it doesn't rain, fingers crossed! I'm also heading to an ice hockey match in Melbourne (yes, we have ice rinks here) for the 2011 World Championship (Div II, Grp. A). I'll be at Australia vs. Serbia, I was hoping to get seats for Australia vs. New Zealand, because we beat them 58 - 0 in 1987, but alas it was sold out.

End Blog.

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