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"A wise man won't need advice, a fool won't take it."

Gaming, Modding and Computing Stuff.

I've done quite a bit of stuff in the past week. I've installed and tried Brettzie's Weapon 2.05 Pack for GRAW2 and Sins of a Galactic Empire 0.9 mod for SoaSE.

I must say that I am further impressed with Brettzie's weapons packs and the new third person view is certainly different, but there is a small bug, when zoomed in all weapons seem to have 100% accuracy, I'm not complaining but there are some picky people out there.

Sins of a Galactic Empire is another excellent RTS-type mod, I love using the huge Imperial fleets to crush the enemy! Looking forward to the 1.0 release version and beyond!

The big gaming news was the near closure of FileFront. It was not a joke. Ziff Davis media got tight and decided to shut FileFront down, but thankfully the original founders of the site decided to reacquire FileFront. I'm glad that FileFront is once again an independent site.

General Stuff.

Well, as before, University work has been piling up. Although the mid-semester break is one week away! For some reason I found time to experiment with 3D rendering software, as you can see above. I used Kerkythea and POV-Ray to render models that were built in Google SketchUp. I think Kerkythea has better texture and anti-aliasing support, it can also use all 4 cores to render which is great, but I wish they would get the GPU support finished.

I nearly got into a fight on a train last Friday, not good. About 6 or 7 gangster-looking teens with anger and racial issues of some sort confronted me and they were armed with a knife or two... so I jumped off at the next station. Don't get me wrong, I can handle myself in a fight (6 foot 2 and all that) but I didn't want to get stabbed, I was also running late for a LAN party with a group of friends! That's not to say that Australia or public transport isn't safe, sometimes you just happen bump into these types.

Stay Safe.

Good Gaming and Good Modding.


Nice blog, good read :)

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