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Well, I've decided to start playing Slender The Eight Pages again... -_- will he ever give me a break? Nighttime mode is just a bitch, ended up getting 5 pages and then turned around by the slut, then I forgot I had beaten the game before, so I started playing daytime mode. I had been playing 0.9.4 because it is my favorite version of the game, so let me tell you this: the game has many glitches because it was older. The first 3 times I was captured in the bathroom and only 1 was fair. The only fair one is because i turned right into him around the corner. The other two times he had jumped into the wall and got me. Now, I knew he was there the first time, but the second he was in a corner near the door of one of the rooms. I am going to pull up 0.9.5 because 0.9.4 is being a bitch to me.

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