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Four tracks of the Alchemilla Mod Original Soundtrack have been released online. This sample has been made available for download in celebration of the recently released demo.

The sample contains four different tracks with four different moods. ''Genesis'' and ''Appeasement (Reprise)'' both feature in the demo. The main theme is also available, along with previously unheard Otherworld theme: ''Creations of the Mind'', which features heavily distorted sounds to depict the horrors of Silent Hill in a very disturbing way.

Ronnie Scholtes:
''As a composer enrolled in a music educational program, I wanted to gain more experience composing soundtracks for interesting projects. Being a huge Silent Hill fan myself, I was immediately drawn to Alchemilla Mod when I first stumbled upon it well over a year ago. I decided to contact Allien about the music and started composing soon thereafter.

I was already very familiar with Akira Yamaoka's work before I started working for White Noise. Since the goal of this project is to recapture the original Silent Hill atmosphere, I didn't want to influence the musical score too much with my own ideas. I feel like Daniel Licht (composer SH: Downpour) let his own style overshadow the Silent Hill atmosphere too much. I set out, not to imitate Yamaoka, but rather pay homage to the man. I combined elements of his works that spoke to me.''

The entire OST will feature 14 original pieces of music and will release along with the Alchemilla Mod's release.

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