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Currently been re-working on my Sonic 3d model with a new rig to include Quill's, an improved UVW mapping, this is so I can easily make quick colour changes so I can re-use them to make new designs like Super Sonic, Dark Super Sonic, because of this I'm considering in-game transformations but for now I'm focused on working on re-doing all the animations with the new rig since found my animations to look a bit odd in the old rig. (Having to look into the Rig since the Rig below was a bit of a mess, didn't work as intended)

I've also included facial expressions but had problems so re-looking into the Rig set-up. The reason for this is due to the fact that Sonic only seems to have 1 eye-lid shared across both his eyes, this can create strange effects. I'm looking into possible alternates like maybe 2d eye-lids that blink like this:

If I get time I'll post a working prototype with my normal Sonic form but I think it's going take me a fair bit longer to work out how before I start working on the Super form transformations, anyway here's a teaser of things to come:

1 more thing is once Sonic is done I will consider rebuilding the Shadow the Hedgehog model, using the techniques that I've learnt from making the Sonic model, maybe learn a few more techniques since I'm looking into techniques to make my UVW maps more clean.

This is what my previous build looks like:

For my animations transformations I'm looking into mainly Dragon-ball Z style transformations like when Gohan first turned Super Saiyen 2 or when Goku first became a Super Saiyen:

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