Got a degree in games design, aiming to improve in 3d modelling and game design. Using mainly Blender, Gimp and Unreal Engine 4. Hoping to make many different types of games.

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My previous article showed that I had put up a new build for the Sonic UE4 project. Currently imported Shadow the Hedgehog now too. I rebuilt him with new rig/animations, will put up a new build eventually but currently going to focus on getting it ready to be able to choose players from the start. (Still haven't figured out how to make eyes blink, will be looking into particle effects for when there in Super form)

Here's a teaser of things to come: (May improve animations over time, include more variety's to what animations are played...depending on what the character is doing)

Still currently prototyping my survival horror game, it's slowly coming along and it's actively being worked on. Once I get some type of prototype done then I might show something off on my personal profile.

1 more project that I'm wanting to work is an FPS, for now I'm calling it "Shadow of Incursion", it will be heavily inspired by games like Halo/Doom universe and Future Cop Lapd, will try to make big environments like in Battlefield but with big battles against several different types of vehicles, monsters.

I'm mainly setting up projects so I can learn how to make each type of game as I learning experience. Which means I can see what works, experiment.

Edit - 9/05/17
Here's some game-play that I'm working on for the Super forms:

Sonic/Shadow UE4 project (Super forms) - Mod DB

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