Got a degree in games design, aiming to improve in 3d modelling and game design. Using mainly Blender, Gimp and Unreal Engine 4. Hoping to make many different types of games.

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It's been a while since I made an update, thought give an update.

Ok firstly I've recently got myself a Graphic Monitor drawing tablet, I'm currently rethinking the way I approach 3d modelling. Normally I make most of my 3d work using plane modelling but now I'm studying how to make my work with sculpting, I'm hoping to post something soon when I get the hang of it. Some of the things I'm hoping to sculpt is my female character, maybe a male character for my survival horror project. The reason why I'm thinking of rebuilding my female character via sculpting is because it's been suggested to me that sculpting might be easier, quicker for me to make characters.

I'm also working on experimenting with Substance Designer more so I can continue to learn how to make unique textures, I've posted stuff like this a while back: (Also I've other stuff like custom barbed fences, etc... but I'm still trying to make them look right when I port them into UE4)

One of the most recent creations I made was a space texture in Substance Design, then I put it into UE4 with Captain Archers ship from Star Trek, thought add some basic firing in there:
(I'm thinking of having this project made just for fun, then random ST related things to experiment with space combat or maybe unique particle effects, also used the Earth textures from here)

Star Trek experimentation with my 3d ship, custom made Substance Space texture - Mod DB

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