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Hello, I am a huge fan of Science Fiction, mainly star wars, star trek, battlestar galactica, Babylon 5 and stargate. I have only been a member here for a short time, and I have already played hundreds of awesome mods. I would like to hear any opinions on current events, or anything random. The community here is great, and I am glad to be a part of it, even if all the Battlestar Galactica mods have gone the way of the Dodo... :( Anyways, besides that, this is a great mod site, and I look forward to seeing what kind of mods there will be in the future, since mods are inching ever so closer to being exactly like commercial games. I am in college, studying business and programming, and I keep the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project Mod page up-to-date. Thanks for visiting my profile, and have a great day :)

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I am just writing this to clarify something. The Last Days is the most complete and awesome lord of the rings experience I have ever played. It is free, and M&B is also free, up to level 7, so if you don't know what I'm talking about go search The Last Days in the search bar. If you are a die-hard LOTR fan or have just seen a movie or two and liked it, then this mod is for you. It is based off the books somewhat, probably to distance themselves from the Movie studio, so that they don't draw any legal attention. However, they only changed a few things, and this is hardly noticeable when you see the wealth of content and detail this mod has to offer. Seriously, The only thing that could even come close to the awesomeness of this mod is if Third Age Total War released version 3.0, which I have learned is mere months from releasing. In the meantime, I will be leading armies of orcs/Gondor soldiers/elves/dwarves/Dunedain archers/Rohan cavalry into Large scale battles involving hundreds of troops. The possibilities are endless. Seriously, try it. :)

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