Hey my name is Mike, and I enjoy playing guitar, chillen with firends and jamming around the camp fire. Man I always have a good time when it comes to life. Lately I've been on my schools swim team and boy its alot of work. We must swim 6000 yards a day. The worst days are around christmas. Anyway I'm very glad to be back on Moddb. Haven't been here for a while do to complicated scenerios. But that is kinda in the past... I guess

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Roger Rabbit

The Rabbit Hole...
Most people now-a-days hold batch files in low regard. People, mostly Hackers, underestimate just how important they can be. Most people don't know how powerful they can become. I have been making these things for about 2 years now. My current program is so large that it can not be posted anywhere on this site. The program is capable of so many things... Anyway recently I was in search of an Automatic SQL Injector, for reasons of my own. Sadly there is no such thing. The one SQL Injector I found, copies your IP Address and sends it to the authorities... Not a very useful tool I might add. This in turn drove me to make my own. It took me two days, and alot of patience. Nearly 16 hours after I started, I was staring at the worlds first SQL Injector made in the batch language. Something me and a few of my friends have thought was impossible. I learned a few things in this experience, but it also raised a few questions. Should I release this thing to the world, along with my DOS Injection program, and basically all 60 Hacker based programs built into my Rabbit Hole Program. OR should I keep it to myself and never let it see the light of day... I mean this program gives its user the power of God in turms with Crashing any Server based application on the Internet... Well I'll let you people decide...

"We knew the world would not be the same. Few people laughed, few people cried, most people were silent." -Robert Oppenheimer

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