I like video games and carnivorous plants. My favorite games are : Kingpin life of crime, Quake 2, Amulets & Armor, Thief 1 and 2, System Shock 1 and 2 and Build engine games. For moding i am helped by my brother Roarke here and on our sites. If otherwise stated on the site and file archive, the downloadable content on my sites and moddb are under CC BY -NC-ND 4.0 This means : You can use and share the files only if you give attribution, use them noncommercialy and if you edit them keep them for youself without distribuiting them in any form.

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We are two twin brothers who like games, history and carnivorous plants. The present and future modding we will make and upload, with my brother (we work on modding games under the username Roarke and Roarkes here on moddb and on our site, and helping each other), will only be available in the moddb and our site shown at the bellow of this post:

Here you will find textures, prefabs, map making, tutorials, history and poetry etc. Our downloads on Moddb are found on mods, addons and downloads category tabs.

The modding applied to Quake 2 Dawn of Darkness can be applied to Quake 2 to some extent. The history is from 1500 - 1700 persian, turkish and moldavian related history. In our site we added moldavian, because they had connections with turks and turks had connections with persians, history related. Although we have history information on our site, DoD has fantasy elements added in the mod.


Also you can visit our site, Sudden Strike 1 and 2 tutorials, maps and mods if you like ww2 strategy and Kingpin life of crime mapping.



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