I'm mostly here for Amnesia custom stories. If you know any good ones, please tell me! Also let me know if you know of any other good games for Mac :)

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So the main reason why I am even on Moddb is because I want custom stories for Amnesia--and so far I've found a lot of gems out there that I have enjoyed immensely.

I was first introduced to Amnesia when my main gaming guy I always play games with showed it to me. He said it was another horror (I am very scared of horror games but I keep going back to them). He didn't tell me much after that and I began playing.

I did freak out A LOT during the game and he thought it was hilarious, which immediately made me self-conscious because he kinda made me feel like I was freaking out over nothing. However, I instantly became hooked on the storyline and wanted to find out where Daniel came from and why this was happening to him, so I bought Amnesia for my Mac.

THEN, I discovered the YouTube channels PewDiePie ( Youtube.com ) and MarkiplierGAME ( Youtube.com ) and discovered that I am NOT the only one who screams and runs whenever things get too scary in Amnesia. I was comforted by this and am thinking of starting my own Amnesia tutorial/reaction channel as soon as I find a screen recorder that won't make Amnesia lag on my Mac. So if any of you know of any good free ones for Mac compatible with OSX Lion besides Quicktime X, hit me up.

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