When I first heard about Brothers in Arms, it sounded like the perfect mixture of tactics and first-person action, and I wasn't disappointed. Early on, though, I was frustrated by certain things. I felt like there were a lot of commands missing, and the behavior of the AI squads could be improved a bit. I posted my suggestions on the Gearbox Forums, expecting a fix or mod to come out. Actually I thought that there was this huge modding community at the time, since every other WWII game seemed to have one, and Gearbox had released a pretty decent SDK with plenty of support from their own developers. Strangely, though, very few mods ever materialized. Three years later, I finally had some time to actually start modding Brothers in Arms myself. I started with the suggestions I had made such a long time ago, and just kept going. I have many more ideas that I may never get a chance to implement, because time is just very scarce these days...

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This is the emotional account of Joseph Robertson's unforgettable experience as an infantryman during the Battle of the Bulge, in his own words.

The basic premise of his story, that killing is difficult and emotionally scarring, wasn't new to me. What surprised me was how this veteran described it. The words he used combined with the imagery of the animator brought this incredible moment in history to life for me.

I have the deepest, heartfelt sympathy for both this brave soldier and his mortal enemy.

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