I've always felt alone my whole life, for as long as I can remember. I don't know if I like if or if I am just used to it, but I do know this: Being lonely does things to you and feeling shit and bitter all the time just...eats away at you.

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Well, well well

So much to say but just forgot everything. Well, at least I wanna say that I'm going to pause the development of DARK, as I have no mood...really no mood for it. So, I'll now be reviving Afraid of Monsters: Nightmare and developing it.

Now, it uses no content of Cry of Fear. It is now using the free-to-use contents from different places.

I wanna really show you the development.
Yesterday, spent a whole day and night making bumpmaps for AoM: Nightmare and wanting to test them with some gloss maps. So, this morning, I just made two gloss maps for one of the textures from AoM: Nightmare, and...testedthe textures on a simple test map. And got the result like this.

Well, it gone into a look of Cry of Fear. Oops!

Note: this is NOT using CoF contents nor its engine (renderer). It is just using the paranoia's render. You can view the image in a new link for better.


You spent your whole day making textures have bumpmaps? It's like 10 minutes of work.

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RedFog Author

What you mean is batching all textures with same options. I make bumps for textures one by one, adjusting the options to get best results. That's why

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Ah, I see, sorry.

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It's not that hard, buy crazybump and done, the application makes the job for you.

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RedFog Author

I made the bumpmaps by Crazybump, the program you said. I know there is a "batch" function. However, Having the same settings for all bumpmaps is not good. Each bumpmap has different settings if they are viewed in crazybump and those settings are configured for best quality while in game. Anyway, thanks for your advice! :)

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