I've always felt alone my whole life, for as long as I can remember. I don't know if I like if or if I am just used to it, but I do know this: Being lonely does things to you and feeling shit and bitter all the time just...eats away at you.

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With this post, I apologize every fan of my mods who has been waiting for a long time for updates, and...thank you everybody, for reading this.

You would surely notice that it has been a long time since I have gone away from internet(not only from moddb, from the whole internet). The reason is...funny; because my home changed to a place where I can only use an internet too slow to be unusable. I'm stupid, don't I?

Many years earlier, due to my parents, I was unable to go outside, except for school and some respective places, e.g., grandpa's home(the whole family go there), etc; the parents did NOT let me go out at all. So, as the one who have to use internet at home, I was completely unable to use internet when it became too slow. Yes, I know that it was my fault not to have tried other ways.

Now, I am at the age of 16(nearly). Moreover, I now really have to take mental medicines as my mind had really been sick. So, thanks to my disease, my parents let me go out(in fact, they let me do 75% of what I want to do). Oh! and don't ruin your day by thinking of me having such disease(mental diseases don't happen to every people). Be happy!

Now, I am at the internet shop, and, only for a while. I can't mod as I have insufficient modding supplies in my pc and lack of time as I have to spend most of my time for studying; this academic year is important for life. But now, I am at the last year of my academic year; I will be at the university next year. After the final exam goes away, I may be back for modding; I will try to be back.

So, you may think how the hell I will be back with that slow internet. Don't worry, I have a plan. My school will pay prizes in money for every distinction got in the final exam, 6 distinctions maximum. I will try my best to have 6 distinctions, get the money, buy the pc with very great specifications and link the fastest internet possible in my country at home(now, I use modem). Just my plan, bored?

I am just writing this because I just wanted all of you to know that I...well, have not completely left the modding yet. Also, in the past, about the depression case(my case), I...lied. I was not in depression. While writing those blogs, I was mostly...happy. Right now, what I know is that even if I have a depression, I should not tell it to everyone, as it may affect them(make them unhappy or annoyed for some time). I am very sorry to have done such a dirty work.

Thank you everyone, for reading this. May you all be happy in your lives! Enjoy your lives! I will be back in months!

Best best wishes,
Tha Lin Htet, aka RedFog

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