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Ok. So I've decided to make a blog to try and give some explanations as to what happened at the end of Mass Effect 3.
I will not be including any indoctrination jiberish and rubbish. That, in my personal opinion, is a load of crap.

This is all my own interperetation as to what happened. Feel free to argue and leave your own opinions in the comment section.

Ok so lets start near the end.

How does Shepard get transported to the contact point between the Crucible and the Citadel when Shepard falls unconscious near the end just before he starts pressing some buttons?

Shepard falls unconscious and is transported to the contact point in which the Crucible is in contact with the Citadel. This could be through various means of transportation e.g via tubes, lifts, conveyor belt type machines, keepers, etc.
Once he reaches this cruical point, the AI that lives within the Citadel awakens Shepard.

Who is this AI and why is he in the shape of the child from Shepards nightmares?

This is the most reasonable explanation as to what I've come up with.
An ancient race long ago, millions of years before anyone ruled the galaxy, the Mass Relay's, the Citadel and all other tech that the younger races use. Either through their own stupidity or the Reapers intellegence, the Reapers killed their master who also created the Reapers. The Reapers realised that if they were not controlled they could kill all life in the galaxy. They decided that in order to save organic races from themselves and their destrictive nature and in order to allow younger races the ability to live a couple of thousand years they created the Cycle. The most intelligent and wise of the AI constructs made the Citadel his home which he knew the younger races would eventually make the seat of their galactic empire.
(Thats the back story to who the boy/AI is)
The reason that it took the form of the child is to bridge a close connection with Shepard and to allow him to feel connected with the AI. This allowed for a more deeper connection and understanding, even though Shepard may not have realised this, he felt more at ease (Shepard=you).

What happens with each choice?

The "Destroy" choice, is considered Renegade because in this act, you kill all aritifical life in the galaxy, including EDI and if you saved the Geth, them too. If your EMS is very low, Earth burns to a crisp and everyone on it dies. If it is at it's highest then only the Reapers die, the Citadel collapses upon itself and destroys all the Mass Relays, (these could possibly be only the primary Relays not the secondary ones though it is assumed the secondary Relays are also destroyed.)
The "Control" choice is considered Paragon because you selflessly sacrifice your self and transmit your conscious into the form of one of the Reapers and control them. The citadel closes and the Relays blow up aswell, the Reapers leave Earth although their destination is unknown. They could be travelling to repair all the Relays.

The "Synthesis" choice (if you have enough EMS to choose it) has your character throw themself into a beam of light which breaks your DNA down to a molecular level and then uses the Mass Relays to transmit it to the rest of the galaxy. Everyone has both organic and synthetic DNA in their body, forming a new kind of life. The Reapers leave Earth and yet again their destination is unkown. The Citadel and all Relays blow up.


I can only speculate but this is what I've come up with for now.
Joker and the rest of the galaxies mega fleet has either been either forced to retreat and re-group, (dump all their heat charge, make repairs and pre-pare to make another assault) or, Joker retreated after the main galaxy mega fleet was destroyed leaving the survivors to battle it out on the ground. It is unknown what happens to all your companions on the ground, maybe killed, captured for indoctrination or used for making more Reapers or they still fight and kick ass until you make your decision. After this, I really can't say.
To try and answer what happends to Joker and your crew, he possibly had to pick them up to save them from probable disaster or they made it back to him once the rest of 'Hammer' got completely annihalated. Anyway, for some reason or another, Joker doesn't make it through the transit in time and drops out of it into drift which causes the Normandy to crash on a unknown strange paradise world with some of your crew members or perhaps all.

What happens to the galaxy after this event?

I've come up with an explanation for the Renegade option, depending upon what you chose, you can adjust this theory or throw it out the window. Up to you.
With all the dead Reapers, the galaxies species and civilisations were able to harvest a huge amount of valuable technology. They could have either re-made the Relays or they could have also developed a new way of faster than light travel which compensates for the huge distances in space. They could have also kept the standard usage of FTL without the use of Mass Relays and perhaps making it more efficient. In any event, most of the species still trapped on Earth either die of old age or are able to make it back home. Some could also possibly suicide, and some may make Earth their new home and try and help rebuild it. In any event, the galaxy is irrevocabley changed by your descion, weather its for the worst or the best remains to be seen but atleast the galaxy can breath a sigh of relief.
If you chose the Renegade option, Shepard will also be alive, he was able to survive the explosion of the Citadel either, landing back on Earth, protected by all the rubble or he was cacooned in a protective barrier that kept artifical atmopsphere which allowed him to survive. Never the less, his story goes on.

I want to add again that these are my own theories and are not taken from anyone else, I have not looked at forums or videos that contained any of this content and it is completely my own compilation of ideas. This also means that non of it is true or false until proven other wise. I have a host of evidence to back up my theories and hypothesis. You make your own decsion, I've only made this blog to help people understand whats happened and give a possible explanation. If you would like to leave your own ideas, leave them in the comment section below. I'm up for debate and don't mind a bit of friendly banter as long as it remains low key. If you don't like this blog then don't say anything at all and just leave it alone. Again, I'm not forcing anyone to accept my ideas and its totally up to you to make sense of all the plot holes and self interpretation that Bioware has left for the public until the next DLC comes out that will fill in most of these.


I thought this post was a nice merge of hypothesis and imagination. Personally I believe in the Indoctrination Theory but I will admit a couple of my friends and I joke around and say all the species that helped in the battle settle on their own continent of Earth. Krogan get Africa, Quarians get Europe, Drell get Australia, Hanar get most of the oceans, Turians get South America, Asari get Asia, and Salarians and Humans share North America.

I also imagined the conversation that followed between Admiral Hackett and the rest of Sword Fleet. "Yaaay we won everyone...we have our planet back but you can go back to yours right?"
That aside, good job on thinking up your own conclusion to the series.

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