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It has been a while since I last had done any activity around here in, but now its time for some news.


First of all, I've changed my name. I am no longer "numgun", instead, now its "Reactorcore". Its better and much more solid.

Secondly, I've cleaned up my profile from some of my previous works. The reason for this is that I don't want to support the game they were made for due to personal reasons. Besides that, those projects were outdated and broken to some degree and I have absolutely no will or reason to fix or continue them.

Finally some info on my future projects.

-I've launched a resume website for myself.
You may check it out at

-I've got a blog now. On the blog, I talk about game design, video games and post news about my projects.

If you're a game developer, you may find some very useful information regarding good game design.
You may follow the blog at

-I have 3 game projects that I'm working on. The first one is a third person shooter game about a badass robot and its mothership blowing up massive alien monsters in outer space. This game is currently my main focus and I'm progressing pretty well on it.

The other two projects are much more complex and larger in design.

The first one is a galactic war action game with a large emphasis on real-time combat on planet surfaces and in space with massive vehicles such as spacecraft and mechs. The aim is to have a very robust and detailed system to achieve a great level of complexity to gameplay with diverse mechanics for characters, vehicles and weapons and detailed, live environments. On top of all of this, there will be a high priority for powerful mod support and tools to facilitate mod creation.

The second game is a limitless survival/exploration/base building game. It could be best described as a fusion of the games Super Metroid and Terraria, as they are the main inspiration to this project. You gather resources, build bases, craft items, explore the world, scan and research objects for information, construct vehicles and fight the evil parasite lifeform and the monsters it creates to save the galaxy one planet at a time.

I will continue to post significant news here on moddb and create profiles for my projects on when the time comes, but if you want to follow me closer and track my progress much more closely, follow my blog at You might also learn something about making games while you're at it.

If you need to contact me, please write an email to


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