He is the original clone commando. Because of RC-0001-Nick's exemplary combat skills, he has been promoted to GENERAL OF THE ARMY. RC-0001-Nick has a suit of armor that is much like a Republic Commando suit, fused with Iron man's Mark 2 armor. He is currently stationed on planet Earth in the outer rim sector, gathering intelligence for a future invasion Republic Invasion of the planet. >:)

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Well guess who decided to sign in again?

I have been really busy recently. An intership I picked up has turned into a part-time job that is really stressing me out. Now, I know I am against drinking energy drinks but man, Red Bull really helps pull all-nighters.

Anyway, my life is pretty good when I ignore my lack of sleep. Marriage is fine and thankfully I've gotten over my Uncle's death.

Now, what you all have really been waiting for. (At least I hope)

Star Wars Novel. Guess what? Ch 1 is fully edited and put up on my downloads page. My original story will not be re-posted. Please do recognize though that the original story is really crude. I am embarassed of it. There is a clear disparity between the quality of my original and the new chapter. Nonetheless the new chapter is up there for your enjoyment. (Btw, I did have to post it to several groups for the system to take it...so its also up on ARC, The Galactic Republic and the Rebel Alliance page.)

Moving on, Delta, I am really proud of the direction you've taken the Alliance to Restore Canon. Now I know I've been out but I'm really happy everthing is going well.

As we all know, Disney bought out Lucasfilm. Now if Disney actually sticks to Expanded Universe Canon, I really will have no arguement. My only real arguement then will be the change of actors and the fact that Harrison Ford won't be Han Solo...

So I'm not sure what else is left...I know I've been out. I can't put any deadlines because frankly my real life does take priority and I did forget Moddb existed for a while. Heh, looking at all my old blogs I can tell I wrote most of them back when work wasn't so prevalent in my mind.

I hope all of you have an awesome week and I hope to talk to you guys soon.

May the Force be with you.

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