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I recently "acquired" the complete 80s hits for my ipod and it's awesome! Even though I wasn't alive in the 80s, I can see why these songs such as We're Not Gonna Take It and Don't You Forget About Me were such great hits. Synthesizers were in almost every song as well as those fake ass electric drums. But that's how the 80s were distinctive compare to the other decades. They still sound awesome today, at least for me.

I created a special album cover for all my 504 songs.

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Besides music, there were a lot of awesome movies at the time (listing my faves): Gremlins, Better Off Dead, National Lampoon's Vacation, The NeverEnding Story, Back to the Future, Full-Metal Jacket, Terminator, The Breakfast Club... man I could go on forever. I still haven't seen Raging Bull and Blade Runner. I should get around to watch them one of these days.

I remember listening to this one film critic on his podcast talk about his most memorable films of the decades. When he came upon the 2000s... he couldn't think of anything on the top of his head. I can't think of anything either.



Wow man, neat blog. I guess I'm not alone after all ! I was just discussing today with a co-worker how my music is only played on " classic rock ". And when did it all become categorized as " Oldies " ? I don't know. I missed it.

I only really listen to 80's tunes on internet radio when I'm working or just chillin'. It's some of the most timeless and satisfying available if, like myself, you don't really take to the mounds of empty **** that's circulating now. Not that it's all bad, but the majority just lacks any actual substance.

The best part for me, besides the nostalgic memory associations, which are more often hazy at best than not , is that the music is actually rateable and represents a really cool time when a ****-load of new artists and styles were breaking out ( some of the best were the " one hit wonders " and from movie sound tracks ). I could make a project with that list alone !

As far as those movies, do your self a solid - twist a fat one and watch " Blade Runner ". Forever epic !

Glad I stumbled by ! Later on man, enjoy !

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Who called classic rock Oldies?! I don't get people these days, Oldies is more like 1920s-1950s music. No way is classic rock gonna be called oldies, not if I have something to say about it.

But yeah, It's strange that there were so many one hit singles and popular movie soundtracks during the 80s. They really do sound great, but unfortunately for most of the bands, they couldn't ever top it.

I think the reason why we all like the 80s is because we all grew up (we, as in anyone around my age) listening to the music in the movies that it became embedded into our heads. Now whenever we hear the familiar tune, we all turn nostalgic.

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