I'm just a high school girl from Finland and I've been interested in game developing since I was like 9 years old. Through discovering RPG Maker I have ambitiously started many projects and studied game developing, but most of those projects have been a dead end. I am skilled in writing, concept art creating, composing and designing on some level. I am not a programmer though, all my attempts to pick up any language have been dead ends also. For the lack of programming skills I have found RPG Maker a pleasant engine to develop on my own but am interested in Unity when planning projects in a larger scale.

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You know that I'm now developing Way Home - the legendary fairy bottle. This project has been going on for a month now and in month I should be finished with it. So as you might guess, it is not a long game. It is the first shot for me to actually complete an enjoyable game all by myself using RPG Maker. This gives me a lot of experience in game making and its every aspect. I am not using my own resources though as I'm focusing onto the developing process. But all the resources I use are free to use in no-commercial matter, so I have checked everything through and will credit everyone whose resources I have used. In the future, in more serious projects, I will use my own resources. I hope by then I have some more members in my team to help me in various things.

Working to a schedule with this game is exhausting, especially because I have my matriculation exams in high school now. I'm afraid I'll have to take a longer break to read philosophy. But the releasing date will not be postponed as it's set on October only. The project page here says 5th day only because you had to put a full date in it, but it will change for sure. The biggest problem I have with the game is the lack on inspiration. I desperately need new ideas from different new people. Everything is actually properly planned, so that's not the problem but that I constantly feel that it misses something. It may be the behind-the-scenes illusion since I know exactly what to do and where to go. My boyfriend said, on the base of the demo, that it's great and challenging. So who knows. I just hope people enjoy it and won't get bored with it.

I actually had another game project a year ago, a little more simple than this one - there was no action battle system and it was straight-forward but it still was almost 3 hours long! People didn't play it because they thought it was slow and boring and there were strange bugs I didn't notice when I played it through. I have thought of polishing it, since it's half-ready (storyline of one character done) but that would mean either completing it with RPGM VX which I don't prefer or completely re-designing it piece by piece in RPGM VX Ace. Since I have everything designed, it shouldn't be a big problem, so do you think I should give it a shot? I will consider it as soon as I have heard the reception of Way Home. I have high hopes, but I'll just have to open the box to determine if the cat's alive or not.


Maybe the reason you don't have any ideas left for Way Home is because you're thinking too much about it. The inspiration from something usually comes from something else, so thinking about the same thing actually robs you of ideas in the long run. It's also possible that you know your game so well, that you can't take a step back and view it as a gamer anymore, only as a developer. In both cases, letting it be for a while might help you.
And while you don't work on this game, you could as well remake your older game. It's a personal project after all, so I suggest doing with it whatever gives you more joy (this being the complete remake). Who knows, maybe this game will give you an idea for Way Home.
If that doesn't help, try to do something else entirely, nothing to do with games or even computer. In my case, nature is a great place to relax and collect my thoughts.
And of course, if you want, you can ask me for ideas, I might come up with something useful. Although it rather sounds like you have the correct ideas, you're just not admiring them enough.

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Raitokomniak Author

I have also thought about leaving the project be and let the inspiration come when its time comes. It works some times, other times I find myself just slacking off and I kick myself back to work. When forcing thought process I've learned not to be too nitpicking with the ideas that come to my mind. After all I have tendency towards harsh self-criticism when it comes to creative work.
Remaking the old project would really give me enjoyment and that is something I'm now sure of doing in the future. However I fear I get too excited about it and abandon Way Home! Heh, not likely. But based on what you're saying, I think the best alternative activity for me is reading that darn philosophy book for the exams. At least I'd hit two birds with one rock.
Thanks a lot for a comment and for your support!

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No problem. Good luck with your game and your exams!

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