I'm just a high school girl from Finland and I've been interested in game developing since I was like 9 years old. Through discovering RPG Maker I have ambitiously started many projects and studied game developing, but most of those projects have been a dead end. I am skilled in writing, concept art creating, composing and designing on some level. I am not a programmer though, all my attempts to pick up any language have been dead ends also. For the lack of programming skills I have found RPG Maker a pleasant engine to develop on my own but am interested in Unity when planning projects in a larger scale.

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I have kept my final schedule pretty well. There is not really anything new to create, just the last boss battle (which won't be that glorious, just a compilation of the previous boss battles). Also there are some dialogue and effects to add and maps to finalize. I want everything to look detailed and finished. Next week will be my last working week with Way Home and then I'll debug it from head to toe. It's been a delightful experience, although my imagination has had a thin time. I feel like I poured everything I know into this one and fear I won't be able to use my head for a while... Might as well focus into art commissions and my art diploma.

Although I might not be able to work for some time after I am finished with this, I am already dreaming of something bigger since I have more knowledge and know-how now than before I started. But RPG Maker as an engine is not enough when one wants to create something more serious and more enjoyable. I have dreamt of making the first installation of my eternity project "Alteria" but since I haven't even written the story fully yet I don't think I should go and hastily start making something I will with no doubt leave unfinished.

I also hope I find myself with people who are willing to help with my projects. It's difficult for me to jump into someone else's projects because, well, I can't really do anything. To be honest, I am not that good of a drawer, nor a composer, nor a storyteller. People wouldn't want me. Also my passion towards my own visions is so strong I want to be in charge of the process.

I don't really know what else to say. My game may be bad. Or really bad. It's for the experience. Although without feedback I scarcely get I can't know what I did right and what I did wrong.

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