Created the Half-Life mod "Sands of War" left it early in Alpha stage. Then started two very short lived mods. Arctika for HL and Uprising for HL2. They never made it into Alpha as our coder quit. Ran the gaming league Major League Online from 2002-2007. Its been inactive since but we still have a URL up.

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When I started gaming it was all about Half-Life. It was the first game I ever bought in 1998?
After playign that for a few months i began play HLDM. I had told a freind about half-Life and he bought it. He skipped the SP and DM and went to TFC. He kept bugging me to try it.
I did, I got spanked that first day and went back to DM. But soon I was playing TFC and loving it. Became addicted. joined clans, started a clan (=DkZ= Digital Killerz). Joined league play and joined better and better clans.
But soon I was looking for custom TFC maps, then mods.
The first mod I tried and fell in love with was "Tour of Duty"
But not too much longer after I began playing that, WON was replaced by Steam and the mod died.
I went on to also get into the mod Hostile Intent when HL2 came out.
With no good HL2 mods I started playing mostly BF2 and then BF2 mods Eve of Destruction (Vietnam) and Point of Existence and Allied Intent.
EoD died after a long delay for a new version. When first released we had like 3-5 servers with players all the time. But they focused on a huge release with new weapons, fixes etc and by the time ti came out everyone had left.
Players dont care about a new jet or gun as much as they want full servers and lack of glitches and smooth ping. So with that in mind we plan to try and bring the Vietnam war to the Source engine and will soon announce on Moddb, "Fall of Saigon"
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