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Most folks around here have this idea that you need to be some hotshot gamer to be popular and famous, like many of the gamers before us, UberHaxorNova, PewDiePie, Chuggaaconroy, and BlueXephos just to name a few, they all share the same mentality. "Games are business". For a few, gaming is a way to kick back and relax at the end of a day. For others, it's a business, how they make their living.

But what happens if you're like me? Decent at video games, an amateur musician, and aren't popular in the slightest in places like youtube, facebook, twitter (even though i barely ever check the thing) and other such social media sites?

What if you're just a lost soul looking for something to accomplish in this world?

Let's face it. Even though we all claim to have a religious belief we go by, be it Catholic, Buddhist, LDS, Judaism, Muslim... We all have our own little beliefs thrown in. Things of a soul.

F'rinstance, I have this thought in my head that maybe this life isn't the only one you get. Maybe there were some before, and some after, but this life in the human plane ain't the only one you get. Catholics would say, yes, there's heaven afterward. Mormons would say, you existed before and you'll exist again. Buddhists would say that there's reincarnation and that one probably existed before as an animal of some sort. Muslims believe somethin' but I don't entirely know what. Something about Virgins? I dunno.


Here's my predicament. I've only had training in a few select areas of business, that being of advertising and the media of entertainment known as graphic design.

I suck at art.

I've been raised on the principal that many things can be accomplished with a little faith and a lot of manpower.

I am thin as a pole.

Here's what I think I have in store. When I die, there may be a thing like in Team Fortress or Counter-Strike where you respawn. But you won't get the same body, no, you go to the afterlife.

...I forgot the point I was making, but I guess it all boils down to "I have no idea what I'm doing with my life."


We've all have had thoughts like that, I think. It's not until you discover something you're passionate about that you know what to do with your life. Maybe it's games, maybe it's art, maybe it's another person, maybe something entirely else, but most likely a combination of the above.

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